Foxglove Studio is a visualization and debugging tool for your robotics data, conveniently packaged as a desktop app.

foxglove studio

Most ROS tools are only supported on Linux, but Studio works cross-platform on Linux, Windows, and macOS. Even if your ROS stack is running on a different operating system, Studio can communicate with your robot without a hitch.

Fully integrated

With Studio, all bells and whistles come included.

We’ve taken the dizzying array of tools that robotics development usually requires, and integrated them into one delightfully seamless developer experience.

By streamlining how you analyze, debug, and make sense of your robotics data, we hope you can spend less time setting up your tools, and more time focusing on what your robots are doing.

Modular and flexible

Studio provides a rich suite of visualization and debugging panels – from interactive charts and 3D visualizations, to camera images and diagnostics feeds. Whether you’re shadowing your robot in real-time or debugging an issue in a recorded .bag file, these panels will help you tackle a diverse range of common robotics tasks.

These panels can then be configured and arranged within custom layouts to accommodate any project’s unique needs and workflows. By leveraging these modular building blocks, you can build your own robotics control center from scratch – just the way you want it.

Our suite of panels is always growing, and we are planning to support an extensions library that users can contribute to in the near future.

By keeping Studio customizable and flexible, we hope to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of robotics without missing a beat.


Our team exists to accelerate your robotics development. Everything about how we operate – from our Slack concierge, our bustling GitHub discussions, and our comprehensive documentation – revolves around us helping you make your robot go.

We are constantly brainstorming new ways how our users can leverage Studio to rush to the bleeding edge of robotics.

If you have questions, feature requests, or compliments to send our way, we are happy to receive them. Here are the many ways you can get in touch with our team: