Panels are the core building blocks of Studio, and fall into 3 main categories: Visualization, Utility, and Debugging.

Find the full list of available panels in the sidebar's Add panel menu.

panels menu

Click any panel name to add it to your current layout. Alternatively, drag and drop a panel name into your current layout to add it to a specific location.

Each panel's top bar contains the following:

  • Documentation link
  • List of common panel actions (e.g. splitting, removing, displaying full-screen)
  • Option to open that panel's settings in the sidebar to edit and update
  • Drag handle for easily moving the panel around your layout

Panel settings

You can also open the sidebar's Panel Settings menu and click on a panel in your layout to edit its settings. The selected panel will be designated with a blue border.

panel settings menu

Clicking another panel while the Panel Settings menu is open will automatically display its settings in the sidebar.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Hover on panel + ` – Show panel shortcuts, with ability to view full-screen
  • Hover on panel + ~ – Show panel shortcuts, with ability to lock to full-screen