Signing in

Create and sign in to your Foxglove account to access your team's data – from shared layouts to imported robot data.

You must create a Foxglove account to store and manage your team's robotics data in Foxglove Data Platform.

A Foxglove account also gives you access to several unique Foxglove Studio features:

  • Save your Studio layouts to a remote store, to sync them across multiple devices
  • Share and collaborate on layouts with other members of your organization

Web console

Go to to get started.

When you sign up for a Foxglove account for the first time, you will be prompted to create or join an organization.

select org

Explore your team's data

Once signed in, you can use the following views to explore your organization's data:

  • Devices
    • Add a robot to your team
    • View your team's robots
    • Click a device to see its recordings and events
  • Recordings
    • Import data
    • View all imported data as discrete uploaded files
  • Events
    • View all events with associated devices and metadata
  • Timeline
    • Import data
    • View all imported data in chronological order

Configure settings

You can also use the web console to configure settings for yourself and your team:

  • Profile
    • Set your display name and configure your UI theme
  • Organization
    • Admins: manage your team's name, subscription plan, and members