Importing data

Use Foxglove Data Platform's web console to import and interact with your robotics data.

You can import your recordings either via the web console or the CLI. Before you can import your recordings, you'll need to create devices to associate with your recordings. These devices could represent real robots or simulated robots.

You can import ROS 1 .bag files or MCAP files directly. Custom data or ROS 2 files must first be converted to MCAP files.

Add a device

Go to the Devices page, and click "Add device":

add device

Create a uniquely named device for every robot you want to track. This will allow your team members to add data recorded on these devices.

You can also create and list devices via the CLI.

$ foxglove devices add --name "my device"
$ foxglove devices list

Import data

Click the "Import data" button on the Recordings or Timeline page.

Select the recorded data file you want to import, as well as the device you want to associate with this recording:



$ foxglove data import ~/data/bags/gps.bag --device-id dev_drpLqjBZYUzus3gv

View recordings

Once you've imported a file you can view it on the Recordings page.

You can also go to the Timeline page to view all imported data as ranges on a timeline.

Or use the CLI tool to list the recordings:

$ foxglove data imports list

MCAP metadata and attachments

If you import MCAP files containing metadata records and/or attachments, Data Platform will index those and display them under their respective tabs on the recording's details page.

recording metadata

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