Manage data

Upload data

When uploading data to the inbox bucket, you need to add a foxglove_device_id metadata key that corresponds to a device ID in your Foxglove organization.

To add a device and get its ID, either click "Add Device" in the web console, or use the CLI's foxglove devices add command.

Once you've created a device, import data for that device according to your cloud provider.

Microsoft Azure

$ az storage blob upload -f ~/data/bags/gps.bag --container-name inbox --account-name yourorgfgstorage -n gps.bag --overwrite --metadata foxglove_device_id=dev_03ooHzt1GRRdnGrP

Google Cloud Storage

$ gsutil -h "x-goog-meta-foxglove_device_id:<your device id>" cp <input.bag> gs://<your inbox bucket>/<path>

Amazon S3

$ aws s3 cp input.bag s3://<inbox-bucket>/<path> --metadata '{"foxglove_device_id": "<your device ID>"}'

You will see the pending import in the web console's Recordings page. Once processed, the uploaded data will be available and accessible via the API, CLI, and Foxglove Studio.