Private cloud deployments

Keep your data it in your own cloud environment, while still leveraging Foxglove Data Platform services and data management features.

All Foxglove CLI, API, and web console operations work similarly to the hosted environment, except for importing data. With a private cloud deployment, data must be uploaded directly to your inbox bucket.

Importing data

To import data to bucket, you need to upload your data with a foxglove_device_id metadata key that corresponds to a device ID in your Foxglove Data Platform account.

To add a device and get its ID, either click "Add Device" in the web console, or use the CLI's foxglove devices add command.

Once you've created a device, you can import data for that device using the following commands.

For Microsoft Azure:

$ az storage blob upload -f ~/data/bags/gps.bag --container-name inbox --account-name yourorgfgstorage -n gps.bag --overwrite --metadata foxglove_device_id=dev_03ooHzt1GRRdnGrP

For Google Cloud Storage:

$ gsutil -h "x-goog-meta-foxglove_device_id:<your device id>" cp <input.bag> gs://<your inbox bucket>/<path>

For Amazon S3:

$ aws s3 cp input.bag s3://<inbox-bucket>/<path> --metadata '{"foxglove_device_id": "<your device ID>"}'

You will see updates in the console for the status of your pending import. Once completed, the data import will be available and accessible via Foxglove Studio and the CLI tool.