Custom properties

Custom properties are predefined metadata fields that users can associate with a resource in Foxglove Data Platform. They are set by organization admins for their team.

To include contextual and auxiliary information directly in your data recordings, you can import MCAP files with metadata records and attachments.

Creating properties

Foxglove organization admins can go into their Custom properties settings to create and configure custom properties for their team's resources.

Custom properties are currently supported only for devices.

Every custom property must consist each of the following components:

  • Key – Used for identification (e.g. hardwareRevision)
  • Resource type – Data model associated with property (e.g. "device")
  • Value type – Enforced type for the custom property's value (e.g. "Single-line text")

For example, admins can create a custom device property called hardwareRevision, with numeric values. This means that any member of their organization can add a hardwareRevision number to any device to keep track of their robots' hardware versions.

Adding properties to resources

Once admins have created a custom property for a resource (e.g. hardwareRevision for devices), all organization members can now navigate to that resource's page to add custom property keys and values.

For example, users can navigate to a specific device's page to add a hardwareRevision of 123.

Querying by properties

After assigning custom property values to various resources, you can then navigate to the associated resource's index page to query by those values.

For example, users can navigate to the devices index page to search for devices with a hardwareRevision of 123.