Use Foxglove Data Platform's web console to add events of interest to your data.

Adding events to your robotics data in Data Platform can help you quickly identify, categorize, and search for points of interest in your data. Each event is tied to a device and time, and can contain optional metadata.

View events

Go to the Events page in Console to view all events, with their associated devices and metadata.

You may also list your events using the foxglove CLI:

$ foxglove events list
| ID                   | DEVICE ID            | TIMESTAMP           | DURATION    | CREATED AT               | UPDATED AT               | METADATA                                                                 |
| -------------------- | -------------------- | ------------------- | ----------- | ------------------------ | ------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ |
| evt_PbkdOL8geyyXLIOr | dev_JtSXCGiM0RC2YHDO | 1532402927000000000 | 0           | 2022-02-24T15:22:25.154Z | 2022-02-24T15:22:25.154Z | {"position":"start"}                                                     |
| evt_U0TCTtRbDb631tmI | dev_mHH1Cp4gPybCPR8y | 1532402927000000000 | 2000000000  | 2022-02-09T21:11:52.637Z | 2022-02-09T21:11:52.637Z | {"nuscene":"0061","startup":"yes"}                                       |
| evt_9akLLRJRqp8jg1zq | dev_mHH1Cp4gPybCPR8y | 1532402927000000000 | 19000000000 | 2022-02-09T21:08:46.936Z | 2022-02-09T21:08:46.936Z | {"location":"singapore","nuscene":"0061","weather-laguna":"really-nice"} |

Add an event

Go to the Devices page, and select the device to which you want to add an event.

On the selected device's landing page, click "Create event" to create an event of interest for that device.

create event

Set the time of event, duration, and relevant metadata keys and values to that event to facilitate later searching. For an instantaneous event, the duration can be set to 0.

NOTE: You can also add events to your Foxglove Data Platform data when playing it back in Foxglove Studio.

$ foxglove beta events add \
  --device-id dev_flm75pLkfzUBX2DH \
  --timestamp 2022-01-01T12:00:00Z \
  --duration-nanos 0 \
  --metadata 'someKey:someValue'

Search events

Use the search module on the Events page to filter events by device, time range, and metadata keys and values.

The metadata query field uses a specific syntax to filter down your events:

  • weather:rain – Find events with a certain metadata key and corresponding value
  • weather:* – Find events with a certain metadata key and any value
  • *:rain – Find events with a certain metadata value and any key
  • weather:rain weather:fog – Find events with weather that matches both rain AND fog
  • weather:rain,fog – Find events with weather that matches rain OR fog
  • error – Find events with either a key or value tagged “error”

Values containing spaces can be wrapped in double quotes; e.g. key:"value with spaces".

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