Getting started

When you first open Studio, you will see a Welcome layout, composed of several panels, as well as an example bag loaded for playback. Hover over each panel to see its name and toolbar, and seek to different places on the playback bar to see the panels update with new information.

Read the Welcome panel's text to get up-to-speed on the app's basic concepts – i.e. layouts, panels, and playing back from your own data source.

The app's top bar contains a Layouts menu, where you can save different Studio "dashboards" for later use.

The sidebar contains options to connect a data source, add a panel to your layout, edit a panel's settings, and set variables. It also houses configurable app-level preferences.

Toolbar menus

You can use the application toolbar menus to do the following:

  • Open a new Studio window (File > New Window)
  • Connect to a data source (File > Open ROS, Open Rosbridge (WebSocket), Open Bag File (Local), or Open Bag File (HTTP))
  • Reset your layout to the Welcome layout (Help > Welcome)
  • Read documentation on message path syntax (Help > Message Path Syntax)
  • Reference keyboard shortcuts (Help > Keyboard Shortcuts)
  • Open the Foxglove website (Help > Learn More)