Display the status of seen nodes (i.e. stale, error, warn, or OK) from topics with a diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray or diagnostic_msgs/msg/DiagnosticArray datatype in a running feed, and display the diagnostics data for a given diagnostic_name/hardware_id.

Open a Diagnostics – Summary panel to see the status of seen nodes (i.e. stale, error, warn, or OK) in a running feed.

diagnostics summary panel

To pin a node to the top of your feed, hover on an entry and click the pin icon that appears.

diagnostics panel to pin diagnostics panel pinned

Use the search field to fuzzy filter entries by hardware_id and node name. Results will be ordered by how early the search text appears in the matched label.

diagnostics summary search

Click any entry to open a corresponding Diagnostics – Detail panel with the clicked node’s relevant details. Alternatively, you can manually open a new Diagnostics – Detail panel and input a diagnostic to inspect. The displayed keys and values support rich formatting with basic HTML tags – e.g. <b>, <u>, <table>, etc.

diagnostics summary and detail panels


For the Diagnostics – Summary panel:

  • Sort by level - Sort seen nodes by level, in decreasing order (i.e. stale, error, warn, then OK)