Display images from any topic with sensor_msgs/Image,sensor_msgs/msg/Image, sensor_msgs/CompressedImage, or sensor_msgs/msg/CompressedImage datatypes.

Select an image topic to display from the dropdown.

image panel

The following image encodings are currently supported:

  • 8UC1
  • 8UC3
  • 16UC1
  • 32FC1
  • bayer_bggr8
  • bayer_gbrg8
  • bayer_grbg8
  • bayer_rggb8
  • bgr8
  • mono8
  • mono16
  • rgb8
  • yuv422

Image markers

If your robot is publishing sensor_msgs/CameraInfo or sensor_msgs/msg/CameraInfo messages for the selected camera, you can use the dropdown to select any topic with the foxglove_msgs/ImageMarkerArray or foxglove_msgs/msg/ImageMarkerArray datatype to display them as markers overlaid on the camera image. For unrectified images, the image markers will be transformed based on the CameraInfo.

When zooming in or out on an image, image markers will re-render to remain sharp.

Note: We plan on remaining backwards compatible with our deprecated image marker array topic datatypes:

  • studio_msgs/ImageMarkerArray, studio_msgs/msg/ImageMarkerArray
  • visualization_msgs/ImageMarkerArray, visualization_msgs/msg/ImageMarkerArray
  • webviz_msgs/ImageMarkerArray, webviz_msgs/msg/ImageMarkerArray

With that said, we recommend you make the change to the supported foxglove_msgs/ImageMarkerArray or foxglove_msgs/msg/ImageMarkerArray datatype as soon as possible.

User interactions

Use the available zoom controls to adjust the image's scale.

image scale

Scroll to zoom, and drag to pan – by default, the maximum zoom will be set to 300%, but this value can be adjusted in the panel settings.


  • Synchronize images and markers – Synchronizes messages from the image topic and overlaid markers topic.
  • Bilinear smoothing – Uses bilinear interpolation to resample images and minimize visual distortion when resizing.
  • Maximum zoom – Maximum allowable zoom level.
  • Minimum value (depth images) - Minimum scaling value for depth images; defaults to 0, consistent with image_view. Currently only used for mono16 and 16UC1 images.
  • Maximum value (depth images) - Maximum scaling value for depth images; defaults to 1000, consistent with image_view. Currently only used for mono16 and 16UC1 images.
  • Image resolution - Can be set to 20%, 50%, or 100%.