Configure app settings, privacy preferences, and experimental features in Studio.

Click into the Preferences tab in the app sidebar to configure the following settings.


  • Color scheme – Choose between light or dark mode, or follow your OS settings
  • Timezone – The timezone used to display timestamps throughout the app.
  • Timestamp format – The format in which timestamps are displayed throughout the app.
  • Message rate (Hz) – The message pipeline's framerate. Lowering the framerate will reduce CPU usage and redraw frequency for panels like Raw Messages and Data Source Info. Studio will continue to render at the usual 60fps for a smooth playback experience.
  • Updates – Toggle ability to automatically install updates on the desktop app.


  • ROS_PACKAGE_PATH – Paths to search for more ROS packages. Can be specified using local file paths or package:// URLs. Multiple paths can be separated by your standard OS path separator (e.g. ':' on Unix-like systems).


Decide whether you want to send anonymized usage data or crash reports to the Studio team – all data will be used to improve the app. These preference changes require an app relaunch to take effect.

Experimental features

These features are often being actively developed, tested, or deprecated – they are not recommended for regular use.

Feel free to reach out in the Slack channel, if you think you may be interested in using any of these features.