ExtensionContext exposes available contribution points. The contribution points are how you extend Studio for your custom workflow.

The first argument to your activate function is an ExtensionContext. My calling methods on the context you extend the capabilities of Studio.

export function activate(extensionContext: ExtensionContext) {
  // ... call methods on the extensionContext to extend Studio


registerPanel adds a new panel to the Studio panel catalog. To register a panel you provide a name and an initPanel function.

The initPanel function accepts a PanelExtensionContext argument, which contains properties and methods for accessing panel data and rendering UI updates. It also returns an optional cleanup function to run when the extension panelElement unmounts.

See the Creating a custom panel guide for more details.


registerMessageConverter register a function to convert messages from one schema to another.

Message converters allow you to leverage the visualization features of built-in Studio panels for your own custom messages by writing a conversion from your custom message to a set of well-known messages supported within the panels.

See the Creating a message converter guide for more details.

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