A single scan from a planar laser range-finder

Panel support


timestamptimeTimestamp of scan
frame_idstringFrame of reference
posePoseOrigin of scan relative to frame of reference; points are positioned in the x-y plane relative to this origin; angles are interpreted as counterclockwise rotations around the z axis with 0 rad being in the +x direction
start_anglefloat64Bearing of first point, in radians
end_anglefloat64Bearing of last point, in radians
rangesfloat64[]Distance of detections from origin; assumed to be at equally-spaced angles between start_angle and end_angle
intensitiesfloat64[]Intensity of detections

Reference implementations

Foxglove schemas are framework-agnostic, and can be implemented using any supported message encoding:

encodingschema name
ROS 1foxglove_msgs/LaserScan
ROS 2foxglove_msgs/msg/LaserScan

You must use the schema names specified above for Foxglove Studio to recognize the schema.