Navigate the timeline of a pre-recorded data source (e.g. a local or remote .bag file) using the playback bar controls.

Note: The playback bar will be hidden when Studio is connected to a live robot.

playback bar

Use the available controls to do the following:

  • Order ROS messages by their receive time or by their header stamps
  • Configure playback speed
  • Toggle playback looping
  • Specify a timestamp display format
  • Incrementally seek 100ms back and forth

By default, ROS 1 .bag files, MCAP files, and Foxglove Data Platform streams will play back using message latching. This means that when seeking within your data, every panel in the layout will automatically display the last data it saw for that topic – even if that data is infrequently published or was not published at that exact moment in time. For Foxglove Data Platform streams, visualizing them in Studio will load the last seen messages for each subscribed topic – even if those messages are from before your current data segment's start time.


  • Space – Pause or play
  • – Seek backward 100ms
  • – Seek forward 100ms