Accelerate your
robotics development

Foxglove Studio is a fully integrated visualization and debugging tool for robotics. It allows you to quickly and easily understand what's happening in real-time, and provides a unique visualization and development experience.


Interactive 2D and 3D rendering

Visualize point clouds, overlay bounding boxes and object classifications, and experience the world as your robot does. Click to inspect objects and gain deeper insights.

3D screenshot

Native ROS support

Connect directly to a running ROS environment, or open ROS bag files to view pre-recorded data. You can even load data remotely from a cloud data store such as S3.

ROS screenshot

Open source

Foxglove Studio is available on GitHub, and pull requests are welcome! We're dedicated to developing in the open, and provide community support via GitHub discussions and Slack.

Fully customizable and extensible layouts

Foxglove Studio comes with built-in panels to cover most needs, which can be arranged into the perfect layout for your task at hand. You can share layouts with your team members for rapid collaboration.

3D View

Display your robot in 3D—complete with point clouds, TFs, and a world map. Or, you can switch to 2D mode for a top-down view.


Plot multiple historical values over time, or plot a curve at the current timestamp.


Easily display images from multiple cameras side-by-side, and overlay bounding boxes and classifications.

State Transitions

Show the current and historical states of your robot.


A great way to inspect tabular data from ROS messages.


View aggregated ROS diagnostic messages. Click on any diagnostic to show detailed values.


Control your robot by publishing messages on any topic.

Raw Messages

Drill down into individual messages, to better understand the internal state of your robot.

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