Foxglove Studio can load and inspect MCAP (.mcap) files stored locally on your computer and remotely in cloud storage.


Open MCAP (.mcap) files from your local filesystem or a remote cloud storage solution.

Local file

To load a local MCAP (.mcap) file, double-click it from your file manager, drag-and-drop the file directly into the app, or Open local file via the Data source dialog:

local file dialog

Cloud data

Foxglove Data Platform

Use Foxglove Data Platform's web console to upload your MCAP (.mcap) files and stream it directly into Foxglove Studio.

Check out the Data Platform docs for more information on how to export and visualize your robotics data.


To load a remote MCAP (.mcap) file, select Open file from URL in the Data source dialog, and enter the URL to your remote file:

remote file dialog

Check out the Setting up CORS page for more details on loading your remote data files into Foxglove Studio.