Foxglove Data Platform is a scalable data management platform optimized specifically for storing and sharing robotic data.

Your robotics data should be easy to find, explore, and understand. By managing your data efficiently, you can significantly streamline your team's ability to debug and iterate on your robots.

To get started with Foxglove Data Platform, sign in to your Foxglove account and invite your team to start uploading data.


Secure and robust infrastructure

With our world-class infrastructure that can scale from gigabytes to petabytes of storage, Foxglove Data Platform is your one-stop shop for organizing your most sensitive data. Our convenient web interface and API allow you to upload data to a central team repository that your teammates can access securely.

As a team grows, so does its accumulated and duplicated data, making it increasingly difficult to know what information lives where and how to access it quickly.

Foxglove Data Platform makes exploring your data intuitive. We strategically partition and index your data so that you can retrieve just the information you need at lightning speed. This means you can locate events of interest by simply querying for a robot ID and time range.

Easy sharing and visualization

Robotics teams must sift through an incredible volume of data at an equally incredible rate. To keep up, robotics developers may be forced to manually upload and download huge files or pass hard drives around the office every time they want to share data with a teammate.

Having one central repository for your team's data makes it easy to know where your information lives, regardless of who first uploaded it and who currently needs to access it.

Foxglove Data Platform also integrates seamlessly with Foxglove Studio. After locating the data you want to analyze, you can stream it directly in Studio for instant visualization and debugging.