This feature requires an Enterprise plan.

Primary Sites store your robotics data in the cloud, and can be Foxglove-hosted or self-managed.


When you sign up for a Foxglove organization, you will be assigned a Foxglove-hosted Primary Site by default.

Your organization's data files will be imported to this Primary Site.

Storage region

When first signing up, you will prompted to set your Primary Site's data region to the United States or Europe:

storage region selection

By specifying where your uploaded data files will physically live, you can ensure that your robotics data stays within your team's geography. This can aid in compliance with GDPR and other privacy requirements, giving you additional confidence in data privacy and security.

Note that this data region selection applies only to imported data files. Import metadata, user account data, and general app data are stored in Foxglove's US-based servers.


Leverage all the features of Foxglove Data Platform while storing your data in your own cloud accounts.

Primary Sites are deployed in your own cloud infrastructure to provide highly available storage and access of your data. We currently support Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure. Set your cloud accounts up in the data region of your choice, for complete control over your data privacy and security requirements.

Familiarity with Kubernetes, Helm, and cloud environments is required to deploy and manage your Primary Site.