Panels are modular visualization interfaces that can be configured and arranged into Studio layouts.

Find the full list of available panels in the sidebar's Add panel tab.

panels thumbnail

Click any panel name to add it to your current layout. Alternatively, drag and drop a panel name into your current layout to add it to a specific location.

Each panel's top bar contains the following:

  • Menu with common panel actions, like splitting the panel or changing it for another panel type
  • Cog icon that opens that panel's settings in the sidebar
  • Draggable area for easily moving the panel around your layout

Panel settings

Click the cog icon in each panel's top bar to view and edit its settings in the sidebar's Panel settings tab. You can also open the Panel settings tab and click on a panel in your layout to view and edit its settings. In both cases, the selected panel will be designated with a purple border.

panel settings tab

Clicking another panel while the Panel settings tab is open will automatically display its settings in the sidebar.

For numerical fields in the panel settings interface, click and drag on focused input fields to quickly update their values.


  • Cmd + a – Select all panels in the current layout
  • Cmd + b – Close sidebar if open
  • Hover on panel + ` – Show panel shortcuts (remove from layout or split)
  • Click input + Drag right – Increment numeric panel setting values
  • Click input + Drag left – Decrement numeric panel setting values