Reducing Storage Pricing for the Foxglove Team Plan

The best kind of pricing update
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Reducing Storage Pricing for the Foxglove Team Plan

We’re updating pricing for our Team plan to better align with how you use the service. The good news is that for every one of our current customers, this results in a lower monthly bill! More detail about our plans and prices is available on our Pricing page.

What’s the new pricing?

We’re adding 1TB of included storage, significantly reducing the cost of additional storage, and introducing a new charge for bandwidth (only charged for data downloaded, not uploaded). We’ve also slightly reduced the cost per user. Here’s a breakdown of our old vs. new pricing:

Cost per user $49 $45
Included storage None 1TB
Additional storage $0.15 per GB $0.05 per GB
Included bandwidth Unlimited 100GB
Additional bandwidth N/A $0.15 per GB

With this update, we’ve made it easier and cheaper for teams to start leveraging the power of Foxglove.

Why the change?

Our previous pricing model was based only on users and storage. We wanted to keep things simple, and cover our costs of both storage and serving content to you (network bandwidth) in a single price. However, we heard feedback that our storage cost was too high, especially as teams scaled to tens or hundreds of terabytes of data. We also noticed that many teams access only a fraction of their total stored data each month, and it didn't make sense for customers to pay a “hidden” cost for bandwidth they're not using.

Our new pricing has an explicit charge for bandwidth, plus 1TB of included storage and 100GB of included bandwidth. This means that many smaller teams won’t pay any additional storage or bandwidth charges, and will only be charged for the number of users. Larger customers can pay for additional storage or bandwidth as needed, or optionally move to our Enterprise plan which offers deployment within your own private cloud.

Our Team plan still includes the same great features - unlimited numbers of files, devices, and events, tight integration between data organization and data visualization, collaboration across team members, and the ability to deploy extensions privately within your organization.

Get in touch

Our goal with this update is to make it easier and cheaper to adopt Foxglove for your robotics data. If you’re interested in learning more about how Foxglove can streamline your robotics development, please reach out to our sales team.

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