3D panel screenshot

Use Foxglove Studio to

Visualize your URDF model

Drag and drop a Unified Robot Description Format (.urdf) file
into Studio's URDF Viewer panel to visualize your robot model.

Visualization and controls for your robot model

Display and control your custom robot models
in an interactive 3D scene.

Use Foxglove Studio's URDF Viewer panel to understand
how your robots move through the world.

Visualize your robot model in 3D

See a visual representation of your robot that you can move, zoom in and out on, and rotate in 3D space.

Update your visualization based on live data

Select any topic publishing a JointState message to update the visualization based on published joint states.

Manipulate your robot's joints

Manually move and interact with your robot model's joints using the provided controls.

View the raw XML code

Inspect the contents of your robot's URDF file.

Visualize your robot.

Having a visual representation of your robot model in 3D space is a crucial part of debugging and development.

With the URDF Viewer panel, you can get a sense of how your robot takes up space in a realistic 3D scene.

URDF Viewer panel

Interact with your robot.

Move, rotate, and otherwise interact with your robot model in 3D space – via live data or manual joint controls.

Joint controls

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