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Foxglove Studio is an open source visualization & debugging tool for robotics.Use customizable layouts to arrange interactive visualizations, and quickly understand what your robot is doing.

Studio layout

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Fully customizable layouts

Foxglove Studio comes with a rich suite of built-in panels that can be arranged into the perfect layout for your task.


Display your robot in a 3D scene—complete with point clouds, TFs, and a world map.


Display images from multiple camera feeds, and overlay relevant bounding boxes and labels.


Plot message values over time, or plot an array of values at each timestamp.


Control your robot by publishing messages back to your live ROS stack.

Raw Messages

Drill down into your ROS messages to better understand and debug the state of your robot.


View aggregated ROS diagnostic messages.

State Transitions

Track and detect changes in your robot's state.


Inspect incoming ROS messages in tabular format.

Rich interactive visualizations

Experience the world in 3D, just like your robot does. Visualize point clouds, overlay bounding boxes, and classification labels, and drill down into your data.

3D screenshot

Flexible data source support

Connect directly to a running ROS environment on your machine, inspect pre-recorded data in ROS 1 or ROS 2 bag files, or load data remotely from a cloud store like S3.

ROS screenshot

Open source development

Foxglove Studio is dedicated to developing in the open—our code is available on GitHub, and we welcome pull requests! We also provide community support via GitHub discussions and Slack.

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Announcing ROS 2 Bag Support

Loading ROS 2 bag files for playback and visualization inside Foxglove Studio.

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Esther Weon

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Annotate Your Robot's Camera Images with Image Markers

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Jacob Bandes-Storch

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Recording Your Robotics Data

Trade-offs to consider when collecting data for analysis.

Esther Weon

Esther Weon

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