Announcing Foxglove for Teams

Share insights across your robotics organization with team layouts
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Collaboration is critical for robotics development. Foxglove Studio integrates multiple visualization and debugging tools into one seamless experience, but until today it has been difficult to share these insights and workflows among team members.

Today we’re excited to announce v0.19, which brings collaboration support to layouts. Team layouts accelerate robotics development by making it easy for teams to collaborate directly within Foxglove Studio, and for individuals working across multiple devices to sync their layouts.

Collaborate on team layouts

With team layouts, we’ve taken all the benefits of Foxglove Studio’s customizable layouts – the ability to build, reuse, and share workspaces – and applied them to a collaborative development setting. You can now lean on your team's shared expertise to maintain a core set of layouts built around your most common workflows, helping everyone avoid redundant work and accelerate daily development.

To use team layouts or sync your personal layouts across devices, open the new “Account” tab in Foxglove Studio. Once signed in, you can invite others to join your organization and start building layouts together. Instead of maintaining individual setups for various tasks, you can curate a set of canonical templates – for calibrating sensors, visualizing algorithm outputs, or viewing logs – that anyone on the team can use as a starting point. Your own personal layouts will also be synchronized across devices.

Team layouts are free for academic use and organizations up to 5 people, with paid plans available for larger teams. Check out our docs for more details on how to get started.

Our commitment to open source

We're committed to developing Foxglove Studio as open source software, with many exciting new features planned on our public roadmap. While Foxglove Studio's core capabilities will always remain free to use and extend, hosted services such as team layouts will help fund this development.

Team layouts is our first collaboration feature, so we’re excited to hear your feedback! Let us know what other workflows you want to see supported – we’d love to learn how we can help your team reach its full potential.

Help us shape our roadmap (and the future of Foxglove!) by sharing your thoughts on Slack, Twitter, or GitHub!

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