Foxglove joins the ROS Technical Steering Committee

Improving the open source robotics ecosystem
Adrian MacneilAdrian Macneil ·
2 min read

We’re excited to announce that Foxglove has been invited to join the ROS Technical Steering Committee (TSC). ROS (Robot Operating System) is the leading robotics software development framework, and the ROS TSC is responsible for its roadmap and technical direction, developer policies and process, and other matters that require technical supervision.

Prior to founding Foxglove, my cofounder Roman and I were early employees at Cruise. There, we spent years working on one of the hardest technical challenges of our generation: deploying fully autonomous vehicles on the streets of San Francisco. Cruise’s software was originally built with ROS, giving us unique insights into the challenges of scaling ROS development across areas as diverse as the build system, data recording, visualization, fleet management, and deterministic replay.

We founded Foxglove in 2021 with a team of industry experts, to accelerate development in the robotics and automation industry. We’re strong believers in open source, and have contributed to the community with our open source robotics visualization software, MCAP data format, and ROS 2 support for rosbridge. We’re thrilled to join the ROS TSC, and look forward to continuing to improve the robotics ecosystem!

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