Try Foxglove Studio's New Beta 3D Panel

Explore your 3D robotics data with improved rendering performance and usability
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Try Foxglove Studio's New Beta 3D Panel

Being able to see the world as your robot does is critical for robotics development. Foxglove Studio’s 3D panel is a particularly dense visualization tool for just that – it renders a myriad of poses, point clouds, and other visualization markers to paint a picture of what your robot may have encountered out in the world.

Today, we’re excited to announce a beta version of our new and improved 3D panel. We’ve taken the powerful features of our original panel, and made them more performant, responsive, and delightful to use. We’ve also moved the panel’s topic tree and settings editor into the sidebar, to maximize the real estate you can use to hone in on and inspect your 3D data.

Selected object

Select the 3D (Beta) panel from the Foxglove Studio sidebar to get started!

panel list

We’re excited to hear what you think! Share your thoughts on Slack, Twitter, or GitHub to let us know what other features you want to see supported. We’d love to find new ways to streamline your workflows and help your team reach its full potential.

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