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Use Foxglove to

Connect to your ROS robot with Rosbridge

Open a live Rosbridge connection from Foxglove
to start seeing your robotics data live.

Connect instantly to your ROS data

Get a reliable connection to your ROS robot,
with the click of a single button.

Visualize your robot as it moves through the world,
for more powerful debugging and analysis.

Supports ROS 1 and ROS 2

Whether your robot is running on ROS Noetic or ROS Humble, connect to your stack with the click of a button.

Use custom schemas

Go beyond the core ROS schemas to customize the content and structure of your robotics data.

Publish live messages back to your ROS stack

Teleoperate and communicate with your robot by sending live messages across your Rosbridge connection.

Use locally or with host-to-robot networks

Works equally well on your local machine or with VM setups.

Open a connection.

Getting a live look at what your robot is doing is a crucial tool for debugging and development.

Upon opening the Foxglove app , click to initiate a live Rosbridge connection and enter the WebSocket URL the app should listen to for your robot's messages.

Rosbridge connection

Build a layout that helps you understand what your robot is doing.

Foxglove comes with a rich suite of built-in panels that can be arranged into the perfect layout for your task.

Foxglove layout

Get round-the-clock support from our growing developer community.

Whether you need help connecting to your data or sharing layouts with your team, join the Foxglove community to ask questions and get help.

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