Visualize your robotics data with Foxglove Studio

Use interactive visualizations in customizable layouts to quickly understand what your robot is doing.

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Fully customizable layouts

Foxglove Studio comes with a rich suite of built-in panels that can be arranged into the perfect layout for your task.


Display your robot in a 3D scene—complete with point clouds, transforms, and a world map.


View aggregated diagnostic messages.


Display images from multiple camera feeds, and overlay relevant bounding boxes and labels.


Plot message values over time, or plot an array of values at each timestamp.


Control your robot by publishing messages back to your live stack.

Raw Messages

Drill down into your messages to better understand and debug the state of your robot.

State Transitions

Track and detect changes in your robot's state.


Inspect incoming messages in tabular format.

Build custom layouts for your team to analyze data more efficiently.

Lean on your shared expertise to build a core set of workspaces that tackle your most common workflows. With team layouts, you can avoid hours of redundant work and iterate more quickly.

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Get valuable insight into your data, regardless of its format.

Connect directly to a live robot, or inspect pre-recorded data files (ROS 1 and 2, Protobuf, MCAP, and more).

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Make Foxglove Studio work for you – build your own extensions and contribute your own components.

We want Foxglove Studio to accelerate your robotics development. Enjoy robust community support as you build bespoke panels, write custom data transformations, and contribute to our open source codebase.

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