Analyze Your Robotics Data with Jupyter Notebooks

Connect Foxglove Data Platform to your Jupyter Notebooks
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Analyze Your Robotics Data with Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks are a powerful interactive data analysis tool. We’ve made it easy to load, analyze, and transform your Foxglove Data Platform data with notebooks so you can gain additional insights into your robotics data.

Our sample Jupyter Notebook walks through loading data and performing a few basic operations to showcase some workflows. With the help of data analysis libraries like pandas, opencv, and matplotlib, you can write custom transformations to explore and experiment with your data.

matplotlib plot

Open the sample notebook locally or online.

Open In Colab


Jupyter Notebooks are just one of many ways you can leverage Foxglove Data Platform to analyze your data. We’ll continue to expand on Foxglove Data Platform to support a growing set of use cases to accelerate your robotics development.

Contact us to start storing and analyzing your own robotics data in a Foxglove Data Platform. If you have any questions about getting set up, you can reach out to us for a product demo or join our Slack community for questions and support.

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