Announcing MCAP Metadata and Attachments Support

Use Foxglove Data Platform to import and export MCAP files with metadata records and attachments
Esther WeonEsther Weon ·
3 min read
Announcing MCAP Metadata and Attachments Support

Foxglove Data Platform now supports metadata records and attachments for MCAP files. Once you import an MCAP file into the platform, you can now go to the recording's details page to view its metadata or download its attachments.

Metadata records store contextual information about the entire associated recording – data like the robot ID, hardware details, and operating location. Attachments, on the other hand, are tied to specific timestamps in the recording and contain auxiliary artifacts like maps, calibration values, and system log files. Together, metadata and attachments can provide roboticists with a more holistic view of what their fleet encounters on its various excursions.

metadata and attachment tabs for a recording

Use the Foxglove web console to export an MCAP file with all its original metadata and attachments included, or you can choose to download individual attachments for separate analysis:

downloading a recording or its attachments

Stay tuned

With metadata and attachments support, we hope all Foxglove users can now get a more comprehensive understanding of their team's MCAP data.

If you have questions or feedback about Foxglove's MCAP support, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or to join our community Slack channel for live support.

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