Announcing the foxglove-studio Snap

Install Foxglove on any Linux machine with a single command
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Announcing the foxglove-studio Snap

We heard you were looking for the ultimate robotics remote...

We are happy to announce that we’re launching the foxglove-studio snap, to help millions of Linux users install Foxglove Studio with a single terminal command.

Get it from the Snap Store

Snaps are app packages that make it easy to securely install applications without worrying about dependencies or compatibility with your particular Linux distribution. You can discover snaps to install by browsing the Snap Store.

In addition to being available via the Snap Store, snaps for future Foxglove Studio releases will now be included in our weekly release assets.

To get started, install the Foxglove Studio desktop app:

$ sudo snap install foxglove-studio

Launch the app either from your application launcher or the command line:

$ foxglove-studio

Read Ubuntu’s own announcement or check out the foxglove-studio snap page for more details. You can also join our Slack community to give feedback or ask questions about this new installation option.

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