Introducing Custom Properties in Foxglove Data Platform

Add metadata to your team’s devices for discoverability and search
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Introducing Custom Properties in Foxglove Data Platform

Foxglove Data Platform users can now use custom properties to add metadata to their organization’s devices.

With custom properties, you can better organize, search, and filter your team’s data – even as your team and fleet scale.

Getting started

Custom properties are predefined metadata fields that users can associate with a resource in Foxglove Data Platform. They are created by organization admins, but any team member can populate them with values for a given resource.

Creating custom properties

Foxglove organization admins can go into their Custom properties settings to predefine custom properties that their team members can use to describe devices.

create custom property

Every custom property must have a human-readable label, a key that acts as a unique identifier, and a value type (e.g. “Single-line text”, “Dropdown”, “Number”, etc.)

For example, if your team has a fleet of robots on different hardware versions, you may want to create a numeric custom property called hardwareRevision for your team’s devices. This means that any member of their organization can add a hardwareRevision number to any device to keep track of their robots' hardware versions.

Adding custom properties to a device

Once admins have created a custom property for a resource (e.g. hardwareRevision for devices), all organization members can now navigate to that resource's page to add custom property keys and values.

add custom property to device

Users can navigate to a specific device's page to add a hardwareRevision to that robot.

Querying by custom properties

After assigning custom property values to various devices, you can navigate to the devices index page to query by those values.

query by custom property

Navigate to the devices page to search by custom property values.

Stay tuned

Custom properties can help your robotics team add structure to your device data and extract meaningful insights from them. They can make it easier than ever to manage, organize, and understand your fleet of robots – even as it scales. While custom properties are currently only supported for devices, we’re planning to add support for other data entities like recordings.

If you have any questions or feature requests, join our community Slack or contact the Foxglove team directly.

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