Record robotics data with MCAP

Record multiple streams of heterogeneous data—regardless of framework or serialization—in a single file with this standardized container file format.

A data format that can evolve with your data decisions

Streamline your recording workflows
with a standardized and open source file format

Use MCAP to make data recording more performant and flexible.

Enjoy the power and flexibility of open source

Integrate MCAP into your own project, or modify the code directly to suit your team's needs.

Get support from the wider robotics community

We collaborate with other contributors to improve our software and drive industry-wide adoption.

Store heterogeneous data

Record multiple streams of data in a variety of serialization formats – including Protobuf, JSON, FlatBuffers, and more.

Tackle real-world requirements

Record data with confidence – even under various workloads, resource constraints, and durability requirements.

Avoid data format lock-in

Evolve with your team's data decisions – even if that means switching to a new framework or recording format.

Write and read data at lightning speed

MCAP uses append-only writing to record crash-proof data and indexed files to efficiently seek to the data you need.

Write self-contained files without extra dependencies

Store all necessary message schemas directly in your MCAP files for later decoding and analysis.

Integrate easily with other robotics tooling

Find other third-party tools that support the MCAP standard, and leverage them in your robotics development process.

Integrate with tools that enhance your robotics development workflows.

Tools like PlotJuggler and Foxglove offer MCAP support.


Swap out data formats as needed.

Since MCAP can support recording multiple data streams with different serializations, you won't have to worry about getting locked in to any data decision.

No matter how many times you change your mind, MCAP can easily adapt to whatever your team needs.

Supported data serialization formats

Use our libraries and guides to get started.

Check out the MCAP docs for tutorials on reading and writing your first MCAP file.

We provide MCAP libraries in C++, Go, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Swift, and Rust.


Scale to petabytes of data by storing and collaborating on your MCAP files in Foxglove.

Timeline UI with pending Edge imports

Ready to make the switch?Start writing your robotics data to MCAP files today.